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Adnan Sami Who Knew Michael Jackson Gives Him A Clean Chit



Adnan  Sami who had the rare privilege  of meeting interacting and working with   Michael Jackson says he  is stunned  by the allegations made in  the documentary  Leaving Neverland where two of his former protégées have  accused Jackson of being a  pedophile.

Says Adnan with a sigh, “It’s  hard to  associate  the  image  of  Michael  Jackson that I have with that of this monster that these  men  are talking about.  The  Michael that  knew wouldn’t  hurt a soul. He  was  so fragile  and vulnerable himself. I really don’t buy this image  of  a monster.”

However Adnan admits it’s hard to  know what a  person  is really like. “Showbiz makes you wear a mask over a  mask over another mask…until you don’t know yourself  anymore.For all we know, the  sweet gentle MJ  could be as  much a  reality as  the one who  seduced  children. Whatever  the truth, it is very unfair  to  attack a man and  a  legend who is no  more  . Michael’s image has been destroyed when he  is no longer alive to  defend  himself. What  if  he was  not guilty? It’s  a frightening thought.”

Describing Michael whom Adnan met a number of times for a collaborative   album as a childlike genius, Adnan says, “His life was troubled. But his music was his solace. Artistes who suffer always seek an escape route in their art. Ask me, I should know”

When Adnan first received a phone call from Michael and the Jackson brothers they discussed Adnan’s music in detail. “The Jacksons knew every detail about my songs. They had studied my music in detail. I listened quietly to them talk about my music. These were the same guys whose music I grew up on.”

How did it happen? “Michael’s brother Jermaine’s wife Halima is from Afghanistan. For some time she lived in Chandigarh. She got acquainted with my music while in India and she took my music to LA and introduced her husband to it. And then Jermaine introducedMichael and Janet to my music.”

Speaking of the Jacksons Adnan says, “They’re very humble people. Always attentive to what I say, always open to innovations and suggestions. They recognized a component in my musical style, and that is this. I really like strong base lines in my songs. What they don’t know is, that’s something I learnt from the music of the Jacksons.”

This was  the first full-fledged collaboration between an Asian musician and major American musical icons. “I couldn’t  believe I was actually working with the Jacksons. Without Michael it wasn’t  the same. We completed four songs…I  really enjoying this.  Michael Jackson is much missed  so many  years after his death.Legends don’t die. They just move on.”

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