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After 28 Days Aryan Khan Returns Home, But Industry Frowns At The Fanfare



Shah Rukh Khan and aryan Khan

“Why has  Shah Rukh Khan  allowed his fans to  put up banners welcoming his  son home? And why  is Mannat decorated  for his  homecoming like it’s premature  Diwali  ? It’s not like Lord Rama is coming  home after  the ban-waas,”says  a leading  filmmaker sarcastically  .

 In a  surprising display  of  private  disgust many elements  in  the  film industry are unhappy about the manner in which Aryan’s homecoming has been  turned  into a celebration.

“He’s getting a  hero’s welcome. Which would be okay if he had  gone to jail  as  freedom  fighter  or  a  serial-killer murderer. He was  in for substance abuse. Aryan Khan’s bail hardly  calls for a  celebration. The  family  should’ve just been happy and relieved  to have  their son home. They should have restrained the banners and  the lights. They are  not called-for,” another filmmaker who has worked with Shah Rukh, tells me “in confidence”.

 One  of his co-stars, however, defends Shah  Rukh’s celebratory mood. “As a  parent, SRK has  suffered a lot during the past month.  Let him be happy. Let him celebrate. What  is it to others?”

 Many feel that  giving Aryan’s hero’s welcome home  sends  out wrong signals to the  public.

“He hasn’t been proven innocent as yet. No matter what  the courts’ final verdict , it is  a fact that SRK and Gauri need  to keep a closer tab on Aryan’s friends and outings,” says  his co-star.

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