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Producer Ajay Rai Warns Against Cultivating A Star System On OTT Platform




In  the  melee  of mediocrity that has overtaken the digital space producer Ajay Rai remains committed  to quality.

“This year we’ve put out two webserials   Grahan and Tabbar . Both  were stories  rooted in reality. Both were stories that needed  to be told, and we were glad to have brought these  stories  to the  public,” says Ajay Rai

The fact that  both Tabbar  and Grahan have been extremely  well-received  by  audience is very reassuring to Ajay Rai .

Ajay Rai

“We  are  doing something  right by not just going by  the herd mentality. As a producer  I’ve never believed in  going by the market’s dictates. I would rather be  known for original  content . The success is important, but not  my top priority,” says Ajay Rai .

A  (f)actor common to Tabbar and Grahan is the  very talented Pawan Malhotra.

Says Ajay, “We  are  happy to have given him  the opportunities he deserves. There are  many very talented actors  who have not been given their due. The time to bring out their talent is  now. We  intend  to  give  an opportunity to what we believe  to be exceptional but  unsung talent.”

Ajay warns  against cultivating a  star system on OTT. “We  already see a star hierarchy  on  the  Indian digital platform. Actors who were earlier willing to work for a  reasonable remuneration as long as they were given meaty roles, are now asking for  astronomical amounts. This must stop. We cannot have the star system squeezing the  breath  out of  the  digital platform. Enough of that  on  the  big screen.”

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