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Alia Bhatt Takes Diction Lessons For Gangubai



Slipping  into an earthy Marathi  character’s skin and  diction  in  Sanjay Leela  Bhansali’s  Gangubai  is   the current challenge  for Alia Bhatt.

The  spirited  young  actress loves  posing challenges  for herself. In  Abhishek Choubey’s UdtaPunjab Alia was  cast as a rural Bihari migrant. Now  for Bhansali’s Gangubai Alia would have to master  the Marathi diction  and  accent.

Says a  source  close to project, “Alia  has   to get as earthy  and colloquial  as it can get. The Maharashtrian woman she  plays in Gangubai uses  a lot  of foul language, and Alia would probably have  to  learn  words she has  never heard before. But she’s game.”

A  language coach is working  on a daily basis with Alia to train her  voice  in  the nuances  of Marathi. 

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