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Amazon To Stream Bell Bottom From September 16



Bell Bottom

Amazon  To Stream Bell Bottom From September 16, “I am hoping this tale of an unsung hero reaches audiences far and wide

Amazon Prime Video today announced the exclusive streaming premiere of espionage thriller  Bell Bottom starting September 16, 2021.

Says the Bell Bottom’s leading man Akshay Kumar, “After getting the theatres going, it is time to take this story to more people, and what better way to do that than releasing  Bell Bottom on Amazon Prime Video; with a reach of 240+ countries and territories, I am hoping this tale of an unsung hero reaches audiences far and wide.”

“Our audiences enjoy a fair share of action and thriller stories, and we are glad to have brought  Bell Bottom  to them,” said Vijay Subramaniam, Director and Head, Content, Amazon Prime Video, India. “The movie has been received well by the audiences, and it’s our endeavor to take this story to a worldwide audience. Packed with a riveting script and great performances, it is one of the stellar additions to our content library.”

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Bell Bottom Review: I  braved  Covid  to see Bell Bottom. The attendance  was not unimpressive  .Considering….  The atmosphere  was  subdued, almost reverent. I could hear murmurs all around me  about returning after two years, etc etc.

The mood was that of a temple . Sadly  Bell Bottom rings too many  familiar bells. It doesn’t really  match up to the expectation of  the expectant  crowds, some of who had  almost forgotten what a  movie feels like in a theatre.  Bell Bottom is  halfway exhilarating.  It  is like having sex  after  a long hiatus. There is much fumbling  and  awkward  pauses  while getting to  the eagerly awaited climax.

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