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Amit Sadh Is Thrilled With The Response To Jeet Ki Zid



The webseries Jeet Ki Zid  on war veteran Major Deependra Singh Sengar with Amit Sadh  in  the pivotal role has turned  out to be quite  a success on Zee5.

Amit who trained hard often risking his life doing the  dangerous action scenes, is  in the  mood for celebration. “The way the audience reacted  is beyond anything we imagined. The story found its place in people’s heart. My phone can’t stop   buzzing with positive reactions, and it is a good feeling.”

 Amit feels the hard work paid off. “When you experience the continuous outpouring of admiration for every actor and technician in the series, you realize the team achieved its objective. It’s more than the success that we had  hoped to achieve. And the audiences never lie! The series impacted people and that for me is a great achievement.”

Speaking of  his rigorous  training for  the  role of the awarded soldier, Amit says,  “I really worked hard and got the right training from the right people. I do have some awareness of special forces and the training methods. We had Col. Ashok Gehlot and his son Arjun helping us so I can do justice and bring full authenticity to the performance. I had drills that I had to accomplish, defeat and finish.”

In the  process  of  performing the  authentic  action scenes Amit suffered several  injuries. “I was so invested that I was unaware of what it was doing to my body and injuries. I realized it after I finished my part in the shoot. It’s an honour for me to feel the mental  and physical strength special force carry. I worked hard so that   the  image  of a true soldier reflects in my performance. Now I am happy that I have a glimpse of what special forces go through daily. All the injuries are worth it. ” 

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