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Amitabh Bachchan Loves Ranbir’s Work



Amitabh Bachchan and Ranbir Kapoor

For Amitabh Bachchan ,one of  the  major pleasures  of working in Ayan Mukerjee’s Brahmastra  was to get a chance to share screen space with Ranbir Kapoor.

Yes, the Big B has admired  what Ranbir does on screen from the days  of Saawariya.

“Without saying  much he   manages to say anything. His  face is God’s blessing. He  doesn’t seem  to make  any effort to convey  emotions whereas I’ve to constantly struggle to express myself, ask the director  to help me. He needs none of that,” said  Mr Bachchan.

Just working in Ayan  Mukerjee’s Bramhastra with Ranbir, said Mr B, is  a learning experience. “All his films have been a learning graph.I find it very unusual the way he  reacts. He doesn’t move any muscle and to convey so much feelings is a tough job. I always notice when he performs he  doesn’t do much. And it’s not just his  films, it’s even in his ads.

Mr Bachchan  went on to add that  he  envied  Ranbir’s effortless  acting. “Because I can’t do it.”

Mr Bachchan’s admiration  for  Ranbir’s  craft  goes back to  Ranbir’s debut film .After Ranbir’s debut film Saawariya was released in 2007 Mr Bachchan said to me, “Ranbir is the storm. Sonam is the soft breeze. The narrative is almost like a Beethoven symphony, where the thunderous sound of the orchestra is always followed by the soft thin flute ,  a symbolic interpretation of gentle desire and overpowering destiny. Have you heard Beethoven’s symphony? There’s a loud orchestra followed by a thin flute sound…This was the genius composer’s interpretation of desire and destiny…The destiny loud and ominous, the desire soft and gentle. It’s like the two protagonists in Saawariya.”

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