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Amitabh Bachchan: “Penalization For No Helmet?!”



Amitabh Bachchan

While ordinary people can and do get away with all kinds  of minor law-breaking activities, celebrities  are  scrutinized even for a negligible oversight perpetrated  in  a hurry.

On Monday Mr Bachchan made news for  thumbing a ride with a ‘stranger” (who  became the most famous stranger in India  for the day) to his workplace.

Now , one hears he will be lawfully penalized  for  not wearing a helmet during his pillion ride.

A source very close to the Bachchans says, “We don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this. It was  a flash decision .He was  stuck in  the traffic  and getting late for his work. So he stuck his neck out of his car and requested for  a ride. Was he  supposed  to carry a helmet with him  in the  car?  He didn’t plan to  ride pillion. It was a  spontaneous decision.”

The source says the family is worn down with  all the attention. “From the 9-year old Aaradhya  to  the  80-year  old  Amitabh  Bachchan, there is the constant scrutiny of every move. Do you  blame Mrs Bachchan  for being so peeved with the paparazzi?”

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