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Amitabh Bachchan To Shoot Action Scenes In Poland!!!



 In spite  of   loud health warnings and  the medical  advice to slow down the pace of his work, the Big B Amitabh  Bachchan continues to slog it out  with the furious energy of a 22-year old.

We now  hear that in spite  of  the advice for complete bed rest  for  at least a month,  Mr B  is  getting ready to leave  for Poland to shoot for Rumy Jaffrey’s  suspense thriller  Chehre.

Says a  source close to the development, “There is  a  major action scene to be shot  in Poland.In spite  of all medical warnings Bachchan Saab is  going ahead  with the action scene. It is really very simple . There is a  commitment  that he has  made . The schedule in Poland  was decided long before his recent  health issues.Bachchan Saab cannot allow the  producer Anand Pandit to incur losses.”

The Poland schedule would  signal the end  of  the  shooting for Chehre.After this,  Mr B would take his break. But would his already frail physical health be  able to take the strain?”

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