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Anand Bakshi, Lata Mangeskar On Bade Dinon Ke Baad



Anand Bakshi and Lata Mangeshkar

Anand Bakshi wrote  a  majority  of  the most popular  Hindi films songs  during his  4-decade  career

Anand Bakshi  was  the longest-lasting  lyricst of the  film industry. From  Sher-e-Baghdad   in  1957  to Kuch Dil Ne  Kaha in 2002, Anand Bakshi wrote  a  majority  of  the most popular  Hindi films songs  during his  4-decade  career.

The Nightingale Lata  Mangeshkar who sang a sizeable  chunk   of  Anand Bakshi Saab’s poetry  says there was no  other  lyricist as  popular as  Anand Bakshi. “Unke shabd logon ke dil aur dimaag pe chhaa jateen thhi. Whether  it was   Sheesha ho ya  dil ho  aakhir toot jata hai(Asha) or Jaane kyon log mohabbat  kiya karte hain  (Mehboob  Ki Mehndi) the connection with the  listener was immediate  and  ever-lasting.

Among the  most popular lyricist  of my times, I sang the maximum songs  of  Anand Bakshiji . I think  the  first lyrics of his that I sang were in the film Mehndi Lagi Mere Haath .KalyanjiAnandji were the composers. Gaane chalin  bahot chalin. And  there was  no looking back.”

Lataji remembers innumerable  music recordings with Anand Bakshi. “He was always there  for the recordings .And he would  make  invaluable   suggestions. He was not just a  poet, he  also  composed songs. And he sang very well. In fact  I think he came to Mumbai to become  a  professional singer.

Bakshi Saab and  I sang a duet  Baghon mein bahaar ayee  in a film called Mome Ki Gudiya.

He  was a complete  music  person.We shared  a wonderful rapport. When we met he never greeted me with a  Namaste. He  would  greet me  with, ‘Wah Ji wah’. When I was honoured with the Padma Vibhushan in 2001 Bakshi Saab wrote  a poem for me. It was  alovely  gesture, and one that I haven’t forgotten.”

Adda Lataji, “Anand Bakshi wrote  some of my most memorable  songs. I specially like  Bindiya  chamkegi(Do Raaste), Solah baras  ki  baali umar(Ek Duuje Ke Liye),Aaj dil pe  koi zor chalta nahin(Milan), Sawan ka mahina(Milan) , Kora  kagaz ttha  yeh mann mera(Aradhana), Raina beeti jaye(Amar  Prem)  , Oh mere bairaagi bhawra(Ishq Par Zor Nahin), Jaane kyon log mohabbat kiya karte hain(Mehboob Ki Mehndi)  , Kitne   din aankhen tarsegi (Naya Zamana)  , Kya yeh zindagi hai(Yeh Gulistan Hamara), and so  many others.”

Why only me? Bakshi Saab wrote  beautiful  songs for other singers like Kishore Kumar’s Chingari koi bhadke(Amar Prem) and Yeh  jeevan hai(Piya Ka Ghar).

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