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Anees Bazmi On Bhool Bhulaiya Part 2: ” This is not a sequel to Bhool Bhulaiya”



The  hyper-prolific  Anees Bazmi is  currently  in Jaipur shooting for the sequel to Bhool Bhulaiya, the 2007  horror-comedy that featured Akshay Kumar and  Vidya Balan. Appparently Kartik Aaryan and Tabu will be playing the  two roles in the sequel.

“Not true,” says Anees Bazmi.  “Kartik and Tabu are playing completely different roles.. We are making a completely different film with  different characters.”

But wasn’t Kartik seen in a  religious Baba’s  costume, a  la  Akshay?  “Yes, that we  have taken . But Kartik is in a black  robe while Akshay was in  saffron.And we’ve taken two songs, including Ami je  tomar which Tabu will be  performing to.”

But Tabu is known to have  two left feet! One still shudders at  what she did to  Rahman’s Mujhe rang de  in Govind Nihalani’s  Thakshak.

Anees disagrees, “Tabu is a fabulous artiste. There is nothing that she can’t do if she sets her heart  to it. I am  sure she will do something  really special with the song.”

Anees wraps up the  Jaipur schedule  of Bhoola Bhulaiya in a  week. “We are doing night-shooting in  Jaipur here. We then  move  to  Lucknow for a  40-day schedule. That takes care  of the most of  the shooting.”

Release date  ?  “Not yet,” says Anees.  “We’re looking for a  suitable slot. But we’re in no hurry. Let  the  film be completed. By then we’ll have  our release  in  place.”

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