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Anees Bazmi To Direct A Love Story Next



Anees Bazmi

The  king of laughter  is about to change gears. Has Anees Bazmi had enough  of comedy? Or else, why is he  switching to a  love story next?

Yes, Anees is  moving to a romantic film after he completes Bhool Bhulaiya  2.

Shedding  light on  the change of  mood in his career Anees says, “Yes, I’ve written  a  love story  during the lockdown.  But it isn’t as if I’m giving  up comedies. Why would  I do that? I think  it was David Dhawanji who said, ‘Why open the bonnet and tamper with a car when  it is running smoothly?’ Even today wherever  I go, people tell me that the last 20 minutes of my film Welcome are unparalleled. ‘Aapne  kase kiya?’ they want to know.Making people laugh specially in these trying times,  is an art. Why would I  want to give it up?”

However  a swerve into love lane  is not  unwelcome for the Welcome  director. “I have made  romantic films  in the past, like Pyar Toh Hona Hi Tha which  was very successful. I am no stranger  to  love.”

The love  story is   likely to star Kartik Aaryan whose career is on a  roll.

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