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Anubhav Sinha: “Thappad Is Dedicated To My Mother”



The  trailer of  Anubhav Sinha’s Thappad  has created quite  a  stir. It is  all about  a wife who asks for  a divorce after her husband slaps her.

 Anubhav knows this won’t be an easy  theme to carry off. “It is a complex issue. But  it is not complex in the way my Mulk  and Article 15 were.  I can already hear people asking, ‘So the husband slapped his wife. What’s  the  big deal?’

 But  the fact that the slap may not be  considered a big deal is in itself  a  big deal for Anubhav. “I grew up in family  of strong independent women. Physical violence was  never an option for men or women in my family.”

Anubhav has  dedicated  his film to someone very special. “Thappad is  dedicated  to my mother. I’ve  assumed her first-name as my middle-name  for this  film and I’m billed ‘Anubhav Susheela Sinha’ in the credits  of this  film only.”

The  director whose last two films  Mulk and Article 15 are considered among  the  most  relevant films of  our times says Thappad  was  the most difficult and challenging film of his career  so far. “It’s also the film I’m proudest  of. I think it is  my best work to date.”

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