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Anubhav Sinha: “They Either Love Or Hate My Film”




The most astute political  filmmaker of  India is confused by the response to his latest film Anek. “I’ve never received such extreme  responses to any of my films. They  have either loved or hated my film. There is  no middleground.”

Sinha admits the haters  are a sizeable number for this film. “I have had people tell me  Anek is  convoluted. If they feel that way, it must be true for them. Somewhere I  think Anek has failed to connect with a large enough audience. I’d love every film of mine to be commercial success. But  it’s not  a burning  ambition for me. I am okay with failure.”

So would this astute filmmaker admit that somewhere Anek  has failed? “It certainly didn’t get  the response  I   thought it would. But I am not afraid of failure.  Nor am I shackled by  it. I have already moved on to my next film Bheed which is ready for release in November.”

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