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Anupam Kher: “I Don’t Feel 65”



Anupam Kher

The tireless  Anupam Kher who turned  65 on  March 7, is far from fatigued.

“People say age is just a number. Now I  know what they mean. I don’t feel the weight of my age,”he says.

 Anupam Kher is  currently in  the US  shooting for a hit American series “I am  in the US shooting for  the American serial  New Amsterdam.  Of course I  miss home.I haven’t  faced the camera at home  for quite some time now. Mumbai ke  shooting ka mahaul hi alag  hota hai. I miss that atmosphere  on  the  sets  back home.I miss  my  mother the  most, ” says  Anupam who  is working round-the-clock to finish his series in  the US.

Anupam Kher  celebrated  his birthday with buddy Robert de Niro. “This  is  the third time  in a row that he has made time to celebrate my birthday with me. For any actor, this is a dream come  true. I feel  honoured privileged. I feel very special. Not too many people get  what I’ve received in life. I want to make the  best  of the opportunities that  life provides me, so that I  never have to regret anything.”

 Any regrets at all?

“None whatsoever . Even the  Bollywood  films I was  criticized  for are very precious to me,” says  Anupam Kher .

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