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Applause Entertainment  Collaborates With  Zindagi For Pink Shirt



The recently announced strategic partnership between the renowned content studios Applause Entertainment and Zee’s Zindagi, promises to be a remarkable addition to the world of global entertainment .

 At SXSW Sydney, renowned South Asian content studios Applause Entertainment and Zee’s Zindagi premiered their latest collaboration, The Pink Shirt. The 8-episode web series, starring Pakistani superstars Sajal Aly and Wahaj Ali, marked Applause Entertainment and Zindagi’s second project together and was received extremely well by Australian audiences.

 The series had its world premiere at Sydney’s Palace Central Cinema as part of the festival’s screen lineup and was the only South Asian Web Series selected this year. The iconic film and culture festival left its home in Austin, United States for the first time for Sydney, bringing global stars and music legends to Sydney this week.

A collection of Sydney’s media and social influencers gathered to view the first two episodes of the series, which was followed by a robust Q&A with director Kashif Nisar, writer Bee Gul, and producer Shailja Kejriwal – where great ideas were exchanged about this groundbreaking collaboration between India and Pakistan and hopes for the future.

Chief Creative Officer (Special Projects) Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd., Shailja Kejriwal said, “We’re bringing lots of exciting content from Pakistan and bringing them into Indian homes, which I think has made a lot of difference in terms of how our neighbours are perceived by people in my country. Now we are meeting up with directors and writers, and the fact that we’re sitting here is a testament to that. Going forward we really hope for a day when we can shoot in each other’s countries. When we did Zeefinity there were six top directors from India and some of the top directors from Pakistan as well and the wish that they wanted to project, was that the borders should open and let the art flow seamlessly.”

The Pink Shirt is a riveting take on modern-day relationships, their love, challenges, and struggles in a raw & real way. The drama revolves around the journey of Sophia ( Sajal Aly) and Umer  (Wahaj Ali) being stuck in a toxic relationship with their respective partners Sameer and Sara and how they then discover an alluring intensity and embark on a transformative journey towards love that mends them as people.

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