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Are Leander Paes & Kajal Aggarwal Dating?



 Life has not been  too kind to  tennis champ  Leander Paes. H e has been  fighting  a long and hard battle with his  long-standing  companion  Rhea Pillai over their child’s custody and  financial arrangements.

In the midst of  the  ongoing  turmoil in his  life,it seems Leander Paes has  found a good friend in  Telugu-Tamil actress Kajal Aggarwal. The two  have been  spotted together on more than one occasion. And they seem  most happy in each other’s company.

 A  source  in  the know says it’s  too early to suggest  that  the couple are  in  a relationship.

“They are  just getting  to know one another well.  If  only the  media glare doesn’t  eclipse their mutual feeling, there may be something  more to this  friendship than  meets the eye. But for that to happen they need space,” cautions a  source.

Let’s give them that luxury.

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