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Arth Remake Shelved




What happened  to  the  remake  of  Mahesh Bhatt’s Arth that Revathi  was supposed  to direct?  Announced in 2019 with  much fanfare , the  project  had  the  blessings of Bhatt  . It was  to feature  Swara  Bhaskar in Shabana  Azmi’s role.

Of all the iconic roles that  the  formidable  Shabana Azmi has played the  one that stands out as super-iconic  is  the deserted wife in Mahesh Bhatt’s  Arth. That role, admits Shabana to a large  extent, defined  the shape  of her career.

However it seems  the  idea of  a trying to  redo  Arth has  been dropped.

Says Revathi, “That project did not fall into place with the right actors. I’ve postponed it  for now. We are actually doing a take on the  subject , an  idea that remained unexplored in the original.I didn’t want  to  do a faithful remake.I wanted to take the  characters into a different  direction.”

Incidentally  Revathi   played Shabana’s role  in Balu Mahendra’s Marapudiyam ,  the Tamil  version of Arth.

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