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Arya On Being Accused Of Cheating A German Woman



Sarpatta Parambarai Tamil Superstar Arya has been  accused by  a German woman of  cheating and  false  promise of marriage.

Arya maintains he doesn’t know  the woman at all.

“It’s  some fan trying to get attention. I hope she has not been genuinely cheated  by someone in my name.I am sure the truth  will come  out,” Arya said to me  in an exclusive chat.

A  very close friend  of  the actor  added, “It is not  uncommon for celebrities to be targeted for blackmail. Every  major actor goes through it.  It’s Arya’s turn now. We know the  truth. Arya’s family and friends  are not worried.”

On  August 19, the actor was  called  in for a  3-year questioning  by  the cybersell. Arya readily answered all the  questions.

“I have nothing to  hide,” he  declares with disarming lack of  hesitancy.

Speaking   of  the  success  of   Sarpatta Parambarai  Arya  said  to me in a recent  interview,  ” t’s  a game-changer for my career. I never expected it would go this far. It’s all thanks to the Amazon platform. OTT  has  made  cinema in  the South accessible to  North Indian  viewers.I think this  is the biggest success of my career. Because of this   film I’m talking to  you. I’ve done so many  films in the past. But  this is  the first time  you reached out to me.”

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