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As The Ethereal Manisha Koirala Turns A Year Older On August 16,Subhash K Jha Catches Up With Her.



What are your birthday plans?

While hiking in the Alps with school friends we celebrated my birthday on Independence Day. On my birthday  I  will be with my parents and close family members.I’ll be  going to the temple in morning and then lunch out with family , and  I’ll also  take  take out some quiet time for myself reflecting on how my 51 years have gone by .I will make a gratitude list.

What does life look like to you at 51?

Life is absolutely amazing.The  quality of one’s life depends on one’s thinking.A lot of it is about  how we create our  own reality rather than destiny but I m sure that we human beings have a lot of control over the life we lead!!

You started very young as an actor .Its 34 years of acting now.Which do you consider to be your career landmarks?

Saudagar, 1942: A Love Story, Bombay,Khamoshi: The Musical,Dil Se  and  a few others all have enriched my soul.Working with brilliant directors is such a gratifying experience for any actor!! Since cinema is director’s medium whenever I work with good director the results are good.

Your life has been tumultuous …failed relationships,a serious illness…what have these setbacks taught you?

I think the best lessons are learned during setbacks.

Manisha,you have been seriously unlucky in love…do you miss that someone special in your life?

Aur bhi gham hain zamane me mohabbat ke siva

Of late you have been doing work that has been creatively fulfilling…how do you view this phase of your life and career?

Thanks to the cancer experience  I value my time living in this planet..whatever I do I will give my hundred percent  I do follow happiness. The quality of work,quality of life,quality of health..all are same I think !

If you had to change anything in your life what would it be?

There are few  things…but then we are a sum-total of our experience,no ?

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