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As Vijay Turns 49, Is He Planning To Barge Into Politics?



Most  Tamil  cineastes consider Joseph Vijay Chandrashekhar,known  globally as Vijay, to be the true inheritor of Rajinikanth’s  throne. Indeed, Vijay’s fan base now threatens to out-run Rajnikanth’s .

The two iconic Tamil superstars have a  lot in common, including their penchant for proletarian connectivity. The public loves  Rajinikanth  and Vijay  as  one of them.

Vishal Krishna, a Tamil  star  in his  own right observes,  “Both the actors are worshipped by their fans. We all look up to both of them.But Rajni Sir is  a legend during  his  lifetime.His status is that of a  God.  No one  can take his place, ever.”

But Vijay is getting there.And not always in the right way. His most recent aspiration,if sources close to him  are  to be believed, is to  get into active politics.

In a recent speech, Vijay was heard imploring his fans not to  accept  money to cast their votes. This, perhaps innocuous,  remark has triggered off a wave of  debates in Tamil Nadu as to whether Vijay intends  to get into politics.

He would be  ill-advised  to do so. Just like  Rajinikanth, Vijay is  not cut out for  politics. They are both  way too simple  and down-to-earth to  get into politics.

 Tamil  superstar Rajinikanth’s proclamation three years  ago  that he  won’t pursue  politics  for health reasons, was  a delayed  manifestation of his  resolve to stay away  from politics. No one  from his  family wanted  him in politics. It  was just his followers and fans goading him on.

 Like Rajinikanth , Vijay  is not cut out for the dirty wheeling-dealing of politics.Vijay’s family too is dead against  him joining politics, as was Mr Bachchan’s family when he had decided  to wet his feet  in the cesspool  of politics. And we all know how that ended.

An actor-friend of Vijay remarks, “He  doesn’tknow politics. He would rather let his political  ideology be  reflected  in  the  cinema that he does. Vijay is too simple and uncorrupted to  get into politics.”

   Our advice  to Vijay is:  stick to what  you  know best. You don’t need to broaden his horizons. They are already broad enough.

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