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“The Ash-Abhi Public Tiff Was A Normal Miyan-Biwi Jhagda,” Says A Source



The internet has erupted to a video clipping showing Abhishek Bachchan walking away from his very beautiful wife on the red carpet at the premiere of Sarbjit.

This, say the cynics and the doomsday prophets, is the beginning  of the end of the marriage . This is Abhimaan all over again.

Blah blah.

A close friend of the  family would just like the  naysayers to relax .

“Take deep breaths and look for your scandal elsewhere. We know marriages are cracking up in Bollywood  faster than coconuts at a busy beach resort. But this marriage is stable successful and rocking,” says the friend.

So what happened that evening?

“Nothing! Just a normal miyan-biwi tiff, a bad moment between the two caught in camera. Are they not human ? Can’t they have unguarded moments in public?” defends the friend stoutly, and adds. “Ash and Abhishek had come to the Sarbjit premiere straight  from a get-together at Shah Rukh Khan’s place.They were probably tired and edgy.It becomes very difficult to keep smiling into the camera non-stop.”

This friends adds that  the Abhishek-Aishwarya marriage is “rock-steady” .

“There isn’t a happier couple in showbiz.Ash and Abhi are completely devoted to one another.They are in fact planning another baby,” says the friend.

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