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Kiran Rao On 50 Days Of Laapata Ladies



Kiran Rao’s  Laapata  Ladies was never meant to be  a blockbuster. The film has completed  50 days  in  the movie theatres.

  Kiran says, “Well, I was hoping it would be a blockbuster .Which director doesn’t?! But honestly I am really happy that the film has completed 50 days, especially because it has sustained purely through word of mouth. It is a sign of how much the film was loved by the audience who saw it, and for that I am truly grateful.I am really happy that it reached the audience that it did, and that the reaction was so overwhelmingly positive. To be in cinemas in the 8th week , and in some places still playing to full houses, is quite rare. So yes, I am delighted!”

Kiran  hopes  to  direct  a full-fledged  masala  blockbuster.  “Like I said, which filmmaker doesn’t want to make a blockbuster? But there’s no formula for a blockbuster. As far as I am concerned, whatever genre I choose to make next, it’s most important the story has to excite me creatively .That is the most important consideration for me. We put in years of work and passion into films, and often the box office result is not in our hands; so I can only do what is in my hands, which is to make a good film.”

Currently she is working on her  next . “I am developing supernatural thriller, a comedy-drama series, and several other projects as well. I am not sure which one will go into production first, but I am excited about all of them.”

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