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The New Ramayan Will Follow Valamiki’s Text



The new  version of the Ramayan directed  by Nitesh Tiwari, stars Ranbir Kapoor as Rama, Sai Pallavi as Sita, and Kannada  superstar  Yash as  Ravan.

The three protagonists and the  supporting cast won’t budge from the original Ramayan text as  written  by Valmiki  by even an inch.

The  shooting of  Nitesh Tiwari’s  Ramayan  has started. The  scripting  of  this version will,according to  a source very close  to the  project,  be “Valmiki Redux… no tampering with the  text at all. The  version of the Ramayan that will be seen  this time will be the closest possible  visual rendition  of  Valmiki’s text.”

  The source  also informs that this  version of  the Ramayan has developed an  aversion to  scriptural  changes .

“Nitesh Tiwari’s team  has  learnt  its lessons from Om Raut’s  Adipurish which  tried to act smart with the  Ramayan’s text, changed  dialogues and characters, tried to make the Ramayan cool. None of that is happening this time,” says  the informed  source adding that this is  a  “ramrod  straight, unflinchingly  faithful rendition  of  the Ramayan.

For those  who came in  late, Nitesh Tiwari’s Ramayan  will be a three-segment  project. Three different  feature films  to be released  one  after the  other. The first segment will be about  Lord Ram and Sita Mata’s banishment  into the forest. The second  feature film will be  about Ravan’s kidnapping  of Sita Mata   and  the third film will be  about Sita Mata’s rescue.

The estimated  budget  of this massive epic -scaled  Ramayan is approximately 600 crore rupees. It could go up  to  a lot more.

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