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Asha Parekh Gives Covid Gyan To Fans



“Stay  indoors, sleep,  watch films, eat what  you like, though in the  right proportions”…. This is the survival mantra that veteran actress Asha Parekh offers her  fans  during these trying times.

“We never saw  it coming.And now we  don’t know where  it is taking us,” Ashaji commiserates as she  urges  everyone to  remain calm.

“I know  it’s easier said than done.  But panic buying of medicines ,hoarding of vaccinations in hospitals is making things  worse,” says Ashaji who ran a  very successful hospital  in  Mumbai until  it closed down a  few years ago.  “How I wish we could re-open my hospital .We need  as many hospitals as possible.”

What  is Ashaji’s daily routine?  “I wake  up late since there is no urgent work waiting  at the start  of the day. I  do some  exercises.  It is very important  to stay physically active  although we  are confined  indoors. Lack of  physical  activity can  cause many health problems. So  walk/run  around  in your house.”

Ashaji   spends  time in the kitchen  although she has a permanent  inhouse cook . “It keeps me busy and occupied.Cooking is creative  and therapeutic.”

She  also makes sure to call at least  a  few of her  friends  and relatives  every day to  inquire about their wellbeing. “This is  the time for  all of us to reach out to one another .Believe me, it is very comforting to hear from the  people  whom you  know and trust.”

Does Ashaji watch her own  films during  lockdown?  “No  that’s  just too embarrassing.But I watch my friends’ films: Sadhana(who is  no more), Nanda(who is  also  no more) , Vyjanthimala Helen and Waheeda.I enjoy watching  other actors’  works more than my own.”

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