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Avatar Continues To Ride High



Avatar: The Way Of The Water

Avatar: The Way Of The Water

Directed by James Cameron


No matter how hard you try to find faults in Cameron’s epic vision—and epic, it sure is by any and  every reckoning—there is no way  you can  come away  unimpressed by the scale depth and   volume, the marriage  of visual splendour and emotional  appeal  is  a joy  forever, and a day.

Having seen The Way Of The Water twice , in 2D and  3D, the biggest takeaway from this titanic  creation is  its  affirmation of  life. So deep is the humanism  of the  Sully family and  so  captivating the chaos that  is captured around it , that we are left with no choice but to  go with the elegant flow.

 The world as seen in  Avatar is  vibrant and  inviting and  yet dedicated to  a dense atmosphere of  tragic grandeur where Man and Nature are  seen to be  constantly at loggerheads in wars that are  sometimes profound but mostly under-informed.Nonetheless it is  not the  wisdom as  much as  the unfettered  flow  of  techno-energy that reinforces  the power  of  James Cameron’s  Avatar universe.

 Every  actor assuming humanoid form is  so  into it, it feels more human than advanced  technology. Like Karan Johar’s  catchphrase once  declared, it is  all about loving your family.

By the end  of the film we  become so immersed  in Cameron’s  spectacular vision and so  bonded to the Sully family, that  it feels we will  never stop being part  of the Avatar  universe.

On the  flip side, yes, Avatar: The Way   Of The Water could have believed a  bit more in brevity. Being  epic is wonderful. But not at the cost of snatching time away from our universe. Shorter  would not have meant deprivation. It would have  left us  craving for more.

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