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Ayushmann Khurrana To Produce His Wife’s Film?



Ayushmann Khurrana

Ever  since Madhuri Dixit  walked out unceremoniously from Ayushmann  Khurrana’s wife Tahira Kashyap’s proposed  feature film, the project has been in a  state  of  suspension. While the search  for a  suitable  replacement for  Ms Dixit(who apparently wanted a larger  remuneration than the one  agreed  on) is on, we now hear Ayushmann  may produce his  wife’s film.

Says a  source, “It seems  like  the  best possible option, considering Tahira Kashyap wants  to make her first feature film on her own terms, with no  compromises whatsoever.”

Sources  say Ayushmann has resolved to step in as  his wife’s producer.

“He has in any case plans to turn producer  for  his own films. So why not produce his wife’s film?” the  source  adds

 When Ayushmann Khurrana’s wife Tahira Kashyap’s feature  film Sharmaji Ki Beti was left without  a producer it was Ayushmann who stepped and put his star- power to good use.

Apparently  Tahira was all set to start her  film when she fell ill.After her  brave  and inspiring battle against her illness she was all set  to  begin shooting again. But her producers  , in all their  practical wisdom, backed out leaving Tahira’s project in  the lurch.

 This is when Ayushmann stepped  in.

Says a source, “He spoke to  a couple  of  his trusted  producers, not with the intention of pressurizing them  into producing his wife’s script but just to urge them to look at her script. After  going through the  script and loving it, one of Ayushmann’s producers happily stepped  into to produce Sharmaji Ki Beti.”

It is a known fact among close friends  of  the Khurranas  that Ayushmann has become a  better  husband  after Tahira’s illness.

“Not that he was  ever a callous husband. But Tahira’s illness jolted Ayushmann. He  now gives   his wife more time. In fact he has taken three months  off from shooting to spend  time with Tahira and  kids,” says  the family friend.

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