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Ayushmann Khurrana’s 5 Best Romantic Leads



As Bollywood’s most adventurous leading man leads us into his next  adventure  this week, it’s time to  look at  Ayushmann’s  best co-stars. Whom did he  jell with the best? Oh, the worst  is  easy.  Sonam  Kapoor  in Bewakoofiyan where Ayushmann had better chemistry with Rishi Kapoor who played Sonam’s father.  But seriously, who are Ayushmann’s  best costars?

Bhumi Pednekar

1.     Bhumi Pednekar: In Dum Lagake Haisha  she played his  overweight  wife whom he spends most of time being embarrassed  about. The classic dilemma of  an arranged marriage here brought to flickering life by the actors who lived the roles of man and wife.At  the  end  of  this  fabulous film about coming to terms with  life,marriage and weight problems, Ayushmann had to run across  the  screen with Bhumi on his shoulders. He has never stopped bearing the  burden of a socio-culturally  responsible actor.  By the time Ayushmann did Bala with Bhumi she had lost all the avoir dupois but the chemistry remained cracklingly real.

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Yami Gautam

2.     Yami Gautam:  Ayushmann’s first co-star in Vicky Donor  and also his most recent  partner in arms in  Bala, Yami has come  alive as  an actor only once after her debut alongside  Ayushmann. And that was in last year’s Bala where she  gave the performance of her  lifetime. Nothing she  will do ever again compares. Moral  of  the story: it’s all about the company you keep. Would Rajesh Khanna  have been Rajesh Khanna if  he didn’t have Sharmila Tagore and  Mumtaz for company on screen?

3.     Tabu:  Though  Ayushmann’s  romantic  ‘other’ in this ode to the  virtues  of blind faith was Radhika Apte, it was Tabu with whom Ayushmann’s  chemistry was uniquely  pinned to the gender board. Till the  end we  didn’t know if he was blind or not. Likewise we never really know whether she  is  a scheming  witch  or  a  screaming  b.tch. What’s that they say about hell having  no fury like a woman scorned? Ayushmann and Tabu blew  the screen apart with their furiously  combative energy. I’d love to see them as man and wife in a desi  rendering of Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf.

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Kriti Sanon

4.     Kriti Sanon: Though the ‘barfi’  of  the title was divided  between Ayushmann and Rajkummar Rao, the scales clearly tilted in favour of Ayushmann playing his only wicked amd mean character so far, wooed Kriti Sanon with   a passion that  I haven’t seen him muster  with any  other co-star so far. About time Ayushmann and  Kriti came together   again, this  time without  a Rao in the  middle.

 Jitendra  Kumar and Ayushmann Khurana

5.     Jitendra  Kumar: And now it’s time for some same-sex chemistry. Ayushman  definitely  looks more  comfortable with Jitendra than he did with Sonam Kapoor in Bewakoofiyan  or  with Pallavi Sharda in Hawaizada. In fact  the gender  thing is just not relevant here, as Ayushamnn plays Timothee Chalamet  to Jitendra’s  Armie Hammer. As  Ayushmann gets ready to break  the  glass ceiling again, I wonder. Will Shubh Mangala Phir Savdhan  finally normalize gay relationships in  Bollywood?

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