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Baabul Supriyo: “ I’ve Been Through Clinical Depression, I Know Exactly What Sushant Went Through”



Baabul Supriyo

Singer-politician Baabul Supriyo is very  angry and upset with the way Sushant Singh Rajput’s  state of depression was ignored.

“It’s  a very serious  condition. But we don’t acknowledge  it . Because  we  don’t recognize it. That is why  I am angry with Mahesh  Bhatt Saab. I respect him immensely. But he  chose to  ignore Sushant’s   condition   although he recognized it  because he had seen  it in Parveen Babi. It’s okay that he  didn’t sign  Sushant  for  Aashiqui 2 or Sadak 2. But he  should’ve acted  when he saw what  Sushant was going through,” says Baabul.

He then  reveals that he has  gone through  depression. “At the age of  15 when I didn’t even know how to spell  ‘depression’ I  suffered from acute anxiety.Everyone told me to take a walk and I’ll be fine .  Many years  later I understood what I had gone through, thanks to my uncle  who is  a qualified  psychiatrist. Now whenever I see anyone suffering from symptoms of depression I  send  him or her to my uncle. Recently  I  sent my domestic  help to  my uncle when  I saw  his hands trembling.  With medication it has stopped.”

In this era  of masking Baabul is asking for some serious apathy-masking.  “We’re  basically selfish people. We  need to mask that. We need  to reach out to  people in distress. If we had done that  with Sushant he’d have still been with us.”

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