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Bhaiyya Ji  Director  Reveals  It Manoj’s Idea  To Do Massy Movie



Manoj Bajpai

Manoj Bajpayee  was  not very eager to do Bhaiyya Ji .Director Apoorva Singh Karki  says he had to  work on it. “I had to really convince him . He has never played a true massy commercial  action hero . This is his first in that genre after  99 films . We have tried to make a rooted hero film . People want rooted heroes . People want their heroes from nextdoor, not from La La Land,   something they can relate to . They want a universe they can relate to. As far as rest is concerned it’s not in our hands . This is an audience film and the fate depends on them , we can only work with honesty to serve them a good film.”

 Karki wanted to see  Manoj  in this avatar . “I was surprised , no one thought of him like this . I truly love him as an actor and a person . I truly believe he is our desi superstar . He is the action hero born from our streets . I have always been fascinated by true blue commercial films . We have grown up watching those films and I always wanted to make them . I am truly passionate about them . Also I  always want to do different genres. This was Manoj Sir’s story .He wanted to make an independent cinema out of Bhaiyya Ji . I requested him to give it to me . I told him I wanted to make a commercial film .Thats how Bhaiyya Ji happened . I love Manoj Bajpayee . I am blessed that he trusts me as director . And I would again and again work with him.”

 Karki’s  previous collaboration with Manoj Sirf Ek Banda Kaafi Hai had  an  interesting journey from  OTT to the  big screen. “We were truly  overwhelmed . Me made a film with honesty . What happens to it is always a surprise . More importantly , the message that we wanted to deliver was taken well.”

Karki is worried  as  to why Hindi cinema is not going into the  heartland.  “You look at South films , they are making more and more films  based out of rural heartland . It’s high-time that we speak from the common man’s heart through our films .”

 Karki has an eclectic gallery of  filmmakers  . “As far as filmmakers are concerned , I highly admire Steven Spielberg . None has broken genres like he has .I also admire Vetrimaaran greatly . He makes hardhitting films and yet very massy.”

Asked about Sandeep Vanga Reddy’s  Animal, Karki comments, “Everybody has a right to make the kind of films he or she wants to make . Animal was purely the director’s  conviction . I can choose to not like the film after watching it or not watch it at all . But if it works well there must be something about it that is right.”

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