Bhaiyya Mere….Terrific Brothers in Movies but no sister in real life!

Bhaiyya Mere….Those Stalwarts Who played Terrific Brothers  Without Knowing What It Was  To Have A Sister In Real Life

  1. Rajesh Khanna in  Sachcha Jhutha : The superstar endeared himself even more to an already fawning  nation when after Aradhana he did Sachcha Jhootha, a Manmohan  Desai  film where the theme of  sibling bonding with his screen-sister Naaz  was stronger than  the romantic  liaison with Mumtaz. Kishore Kumar’s Meri pyari beheniya banegi dulhaniya become  the brotherly baraatianthem for  all times to come. In real life Khanna was an  adopted child with no siblings.
  2. Amitabh Bachchan in Adalat, Majboor:  The mega-star has  only a brother Ajitabh Bachchan in real life. But  playing the doting elder brother  to Hina Kausar in Narendra Bedi’s Adalat and to Farida Jalalin Narendra Bedi’s Majboor came so naturally to  him. Who  can ever forget the Big B singing Behna oh behna  teri doli main sajaoonga  to his screen sister in Adalat and Nahin main nahin dekh sakta tujherote huey in Majboor?
  3. Shatrughan Sinha in Billoo Badshah: Shatrughan Sinha has three brothers in real life. But no sisters. In  Billoo Badshah  he played a doting protective brother to a spoilt wayward sister who is  hellbent on  bringing shame to the family. Sinha’s eyes revealed   a wealth of  sibling affection.

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