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Bigg Boss 11 Finds Itself In The Worst Scandal, To File Lawsuit!



Zubair Khan who claimed to be Mumbai’s deceased gangster Haseena Parkar’s son-in-law is nothing of  the kind.

Khan who was a  major troublemaker on the show ever since his entry last week,excused himself from the show on Saturday evening. Zubair apparently had a meltdown on the show after Salman chided him for misconduct.

The truth about the lies that this Khan has woven on the show is out now. Haseena Parkar’s nephew Sameer Antulay  refutes Zubair Khan’s links with the Parkar/Dawood family, demolishing the contestant’s credentials for being on Bigg Boss and thereby triggering  off the worst scandal in the 11-year history of Bigg Boss in Hindi.

Sources  from the show’s production house Endemol claim that the  producers of Bigg Boss plan to take “the strictest legal action” against Zubair Khan.

“Details are  now being worked out to see how extensively Zubair Khan can be booked under various sections of the IPC,” a  source informs.

And  if this fraudulent attention-seeker thinks that’s the end of his troubles he better think again.

The Dawood/Parkar family waits for him outside Bigg  Boss. They’ve already proclaimed their intention to file  an FIR against Zubair.

But according to a source close to the Parkar family, “This guy doesn’t know what he  is dealing with. If I was in his place I would immediately leave the country and go anywhere except of course Dubai.”

In the meanwhile  Bigg Boss facing the worst embarrassment during their existence  in India,plans to  deflect attention from the Zubair fiasco by bringing in a very special contestant to replace the imposter.

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