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Bollywood Largely Quiet Over Aryan’s Arrest



Aryan Khan

Shah Rukh Khan is a very popular star, not only among the audience but also within the film industry. He is close to almost everyone who counts in the entertainment industry.

In that case why among the A-listers have we only seen Salman Khan driving into Mannat? Where are Shah Rukh’s other high-profile friends? They know who they are, and we don’t have to name them.

There are two factors keeping the Bollywood biggies away from the aafat at Mannat. One is the fear factor. We are living through dangerous times. No one wants to go anywhere near trouble.

I was speaking to a major star who has a semi-adult son and I casually asked him if he intends to visit the Khans.

“No yaar. It’s too dangerous. Don’t get me wrong. My heart reaches out to SRK and Gauri. But I don’t know who may be targeted next. I’ve to worry about the safety of my own family,” said the star who, along with his wife, is known to be close to the Khans.

The problem with showing some old-fashioned solidarity with the Khans in this hour of their distress is this: they have growing children who attend rave parties, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Except that, given the  current climate of fear and paranoia in the film industry, a mere association with the residents of Mannat is  looked on as an invitation for trouble.

“It’s easy for Salman (to pay SRK a visit after Aryan’s detention). He has no children. It isn’t so easy for some of us,” says a superstar colleague.

Even Shah Rukh Khan’s heroines are maintaining a discreet distance. Some of them were summoned by the NCB  last year.

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