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Broken But Beautiful’s Second Helping Is Repetitive



Broken But Beautiful Season 2(AltBalaji-Zee5)

Starring Harleen Sethi, Vikrant Massey

Rating: **(2 stars)

There is  this  friendly shrink  whom Sameera is seeing. No no, not ‘seeing’ as in dating but consulting. Apparently she has still not healed from the broken heart that her absconding  lover Kartik gave her  at  the  start of Season 1.

The mending  process  goes on for most  of Season  2 while  the Friendly Shrink(FS) sits around  pretending to listen while  pretending  to  drink coffee  out of an empty mug.

Pretence, I suspect, is the memo-brief  given to the writers  for  a  second season of Broken But Beautiful.Even if you are  sucker  for  Mills & Boon  mush, this  second season  is as  exhausting as  a second  helping of  an over-sweetened dessert. To bring  the broken-hearted couple back is merely  an excuse to separate them  for as long as possible, while they date other people and  exchange sentiments stolen  from whatsapp forwards.

So we have Sameera  being speed-wooed  by  a distant cousin Ahaan whom all of Sameera’s friends(including a gay hairdresser) have  a crush on. But Sameera has other plans for her heart.Don’t ask what they are.  Okay, here’s a hint: until the  end  of the season she will  be cynical about love until the FS(with the  empty coffee cup, so emblematic of   the  emptiness simmering at  the  core of this pretty  but shallow take  on urbane relationships) observes that Sameera no  longer needs therapy as she’s gotten over Kartik.

Good. But has the series  gotten over Sameera trying to flush   unrequited  love out of her  system? Going around in  dizzying circles  Broken But Beautiful Season 2  is like  a love song that  has  overstayed  its welcome.

The  dialogues are  a facsimile of smartness. “I am glad you’ve changed. But be careful what you change  into,” warns Sameera’s dogmatic friend. Going from Season 1 to 2  Broken But Beautiful shows  no sign of change. That could only be  good thing only if what we had to begin with , was precious.

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