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Budgeted At A Meagre Rs 60 Crores, Gadar 2 Will Break The Records Of Pathaan



Gadar 2: The Katha Continues  continues to  create  havoc at  the boxoffice. Multiple  multiplex  sources say they haven’t seen  anything  like this in a long time.

“Not even  in Pathaan. This is  something else. This is a blockbuster on  another level. We had repeat audiences  from  Friday  coming back to see  the  film on Saturday This is unprecedented. We will be adding shows of Gadar post weekend,” says a  source from a leading multiplex.

Such is the craze  for Gadar 2 that  it has  already collected 80-90 crores  over  the first two days. With  Sunday and a National  Holiday on Tuesday the collection of Gadar 2 are expected to  touch  170-80   crores  in the  first week.

With the  budget  of  Gadar 2 being a meagre 60  crores,  the film will start showing  huge profits  from Tuesday onwards..

A  trade expert who doesn’t want to be named says, “Gadar 2  will  show  much larger profits than  Pathaan. The  latter was budgeted at  nearly 300 crores.  Gadar 2  which as you say is  budgeted at a mere  60 crores is already a  blockbuster beyond everything released this  year. Its collections will rival  that  of  Gadar in 2001.”

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