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Celebrated Cinematographer Amit Roy Speaks On Why He Opted Out Of Hirani-SRK’s Dunki



Amit Roy

The well-known  DOP Amit Roy who has  shot some  of Ram Gopal Varma’s best films  including  Sarkar and Sarkar Raj, has  exited  from Raj Kumar Hirani’s underproduction  Shah Rukh Khan-Taapsee Pannu starrer Dunki.

 Roy says the parting was  most amiable.  “Creatively,I was not able to come on the same page as Raju Hirani sir and I felt continuing would have hurt both the film and our friendship.”

 But letting go of such a prestigious project could be damaging to  Amit’s career? “I don’t feel that way. I’m a friend of the film and I feel when sensibilities don’t match then there’s no point pushing it.”

 When asked what these creative  differences with Hirani were , Amit replied, “Raju sir has a classical approach to cinema and it’s paid rich dividends for him, whereas  I suppose I’m a bit edgy and non-conformist.I think  we both recognised that truly it was in our best interests to move on. I have immense love and regard for Raju Sir and I   think he feels the same way about me regardless  of the fact that  this collaboration couldn’t bear fruit.Now as a fanboy I’m eagerly looking forward to the first cut of Dunki.”

  Amit parts  by referring to his  erstwhile mentor.  “The biggest think I learned from Ram Gopal Varma was to keep moving forward.”

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