Celina Jaitly Flaunts Her Baby Bum​p…Here Is Why

The very pretty Celina Jaitly who is expecting her second set of twins  is the latest in a string of body-proud expectant celebrity mothers to flaunt her baby bump.

Celina explains why it is important for her to show her pride at her impending motherhood.

“Despite the not-so-glamorous effects  that come along with the blessings of a twin pregnancy on ones body , it was very important for me  to be a role-model who radiates confidence, self-respect and friendliness for other adults and children in our size-oriented society.Everyone  believes in preconceived stereotypes about how pregnant Indian women should conduct themselves and their pregnancies.”

Celina has misgivings about the word ‘flaunt’ being used to describe her self assertion at  a time when women are expected to hide under shapeless gowns. “Unfortunately a word like ‘flaunt’ has all sorts of undertones about boasting and parading and rubbing people’s faces into one’s pregnancy, which truly is not the case, Especially when I see so many bellies, and sometimes even breasts, as big as or bigger than mine…. and they are actually on men’s bodies. No one tells them to cover up.”

Celina is  very clear that she has nothing to prove with her awesome pregnancy. “ It is not proving a point but it is accepting and conveying the fact that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. It is important for women to embrace their journeys on a physical level  and be proud of what the body is capable of doing.”

With celebrity women like Serena Williams and Soha Ali Khan not making an attempt to hide their pregnancy Celina feels the baby bump is here to stay. “ Even though flaunting or not flaunting is a personal choice and I respect that completely, a pregnant woman in any shape or size is beautiful.How can anything that carries a life in the form of an adorable baby/babies be otherwise?”


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