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Channel Apologizes To Shekhar Suman For Son’s False Suicide Report, Suman To Sue Nonetheless



 The  prevalent trend of fakenews hit a new low when the online edition  of  a news channel announced actor Adhyayan Suman’s ‘suicide’.Acting swiftly the channel’s  online   section  where this monstrous misinformation  appeared  has sent  Shekhar Suman an apology and  requested him to retract his tweets condemning  the channel’s irresponsible  report  on his son.

 However Shekhar Suman is   in no mood to relent. Reacting to the apology he says to me, “We are not  relenting at  all. The damage  caused by them cannot be compensated for  by a mere apology. We are going  all the way  as far as possibly legally.We want this case to be  an example for all those  who put out highly damaging and  defamatory  news  just for  hits and  TRPs. We want  that they should  think of  how deeply damaging irresponsible  reportage can be.”

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