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City Of Dream’s Cast Speaks On The Pleasures Of Working In This The  Mother Of All Political Thrillers.



City of Dreams Webseries

Hunger for power, betrayal and ascension to one throne – the most influential and powerful Gaikwad’s are back with the third season of Hotstar Specials’ City of Dreams. Produced by Applause Entertainment in association with Kukunoor Movies and directed by Nagesh Kukunoor. Starring the versatile actors Atul Kulkarni, Priya Bapat, Sachin Pilgaonkar, Sushant Singh, Eijaz Khan, Rannvijay Singha in pivotal roles, the series  streams from  26th May onwards, only on Disney+ Hotstar.

A fantastic on-set camaraderie translates into stellar performances on screen. Versatile actor Atul Kulkarni who essays the strong role of Ameya Rao Gaikwad City Of Dreams , spills the beans on working with Director Nagesh Kukunoor and actor Priya Bapat.

Talking about season 3, Atul Kulkarni said, “I always enjoy working with Nagesh. He is a complete actor’s director. He guides you through the scene and  it is a pleasure to work the scene out with him. I almost remember every day on-set, from the readings to the production of the scenes. I have a great equation with Priya, as we are extremely close friends off-screen too. Nagesh and Priya are the two people who really made every day special on sets.”

 Often actors share a great chemistry on-screen which reflects on their friendship off-screen as well. Actor Priya Bapat, who essays the role of Poornima Gaikwad in City Of Dreams has formed a deep connection and strong friendship with actor Eijaz Khan across seasons. Eijaz, who plays the role of encounter specialist Wasim Khan has stuck by Poornima through thick and thin, in the series. Well, the two talented actors share a great bond off-screen as well.

Talking about their equation , Priya Bapat further said, “I think we both are very honest about our performances and we both help each other to make the entire scene work. It is never an equation where your performance is better or my performance is better. I think that definitely has improved our on screen chemistry because Wasim Khan is Poornima’s only trusted friend and I have to tell you that Eijaz Khan is the most trustworthy person. So yeah, he is the best co actor. ”

Talking about his character this season, Sachin Pilgaonkar said, “In the first season, my character was introduced as a very goody-,goody character and had no negative shade or gray shade. As the story progresses, people come to know that this person is the culprit. SUddenly, it is revealed that he is the person behind the attempted murder of Gaikwad. In the second season, it became clear that he is not going to  transform and is a survivor. He will change his stance, according to his convenience, for his survival. While he is a strong person, he is extremely unpredictable and you have no idea what he will do next!”

While the cast of City of dreams has managed to grip us with their impeccable performance in the first two seasons, season 3 will introduce Rannvijay Singha as Adarsh in a role like never before. Geared to face the Gaikwad’s, he is set to leave the audiences at the edge of their seats.

Opening up about his character, Rannvijay Singha said, “This was a really interesting character, something that I’ve never played before. He is a well-meaning guy who stays on his own and in his own world but he controls the world outside through the media and through his wealth. The research for this was done by spending a lot of time with Nagesh Kukunoor, because when he writes he has the full research behind it. So, I asked him many questions about why my character would do anything. Imagine how Elon Musk would have made a difference in the world of politics.”

Eijaz Khan, popularly known for his role as Wasim Khan in City of Dreams, highlights the significance of meticulous attention to detail in character portrayal. Opening up about his prep for his character, he reveals how he engaged with police officers to learn more about their mannerisms and ace his role.

Talking about his preparations, Eijaz Khan said, “ I  met some police officers at Carter Road, who trained me on how to salute properly, how to march properly, what protocol is followed when you approach your senior, how you remove your cap, how you say it, or you hold your cap and  put it back. Having said that, sometimes the training goes sideways and because of the scene, you tend to not do the exact thing needed, because you have to take a liberty. Moreover, I studied a bit about encounter specialists and their body language”

Sachin Pilgaonkar and Atul Kulkarni have been friends for a long time. While they share a rocky equation on-screen, in the City Of Dreams, the two have a great equation off screen. Their bond is what helped them enjoy each moment of this game of political chess.

While expressing his emotions towards his friendship with Sachin Pilgaonkar, Atul Kulkarni said, “Sachin Pilgaonkar and I are really good friends unlike our characters on-screen. We have known each other for a long time now. Of Course, he is a legendary actor and a senior to all of us in the industry. I still remember the days we spent together when I had the opportunity to travel with him to South Africa. The way he told us stories from his childhood and his early days in the industry. Sachin Pilgaonkar is so full of stories about great writers, directors and actors. It is definitely an enriching experience to have a short conversation with him. He has immense knowledge about cinema and the industry. It is a pleasure to know Sachin Pilgaonkar and work with him.”

Says Atul Kulkarni, “Working on this show has been a creatively satisfying experience and my character, Ameya Rao Gaikwad has seen a graph of growth at each step. He undergoes a significant transformation in this season, through a series of events that fundamentally alter the core of his persona. Audiences will see a new evolved take on the relationship Ameya shares with Poornima. Associating with Disney+ Hotstar and with Nagesh Kukunoor has been a great experience across all 3 seasons for such a spectacular show.”

Talking about the series, Sachin Pilgaonkar said, “Jagdish Gaurav has grown consistently in a subtle way and this season too will expose him differently. I have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Applause Entertainment, Nagesh Kukunoor and Disney+ Hotstar for earlier 2 seasons City of Dreams and for season 3 as well. The fight for power in politics is indeed a world of its own. While the cr ux remains the same, City of Dreams is explored very differently this time and I am sure audiences will enjoy it.”

Talking about the show and her character, Priya Bapat said, “This season, Poornima’s character is extremely complex, emotional and layered. She navigates life one step at a time and attempts to strike the perfect balance between the turmoil of her personal life and the urge to come back even more powerful, to protect her legacy. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Disney+ Hotstar across all seasons. Moreover, It was an incredible experience to work with such seasoned actors like Atul Kulkarni, Sachin Pilgaonkar and I am looking forward to audience reactions this season.”

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