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Corona Virus Impact: Shooting Suspended In Mumbai From Thursday!

All film and television shooting will come  to a grinding halt in Mumbai from  Thursday March 19 to  Tuesday March  31.

On Sunday afternoon at 3 pm  all  the  film federations of  Bollywood–  IMPPA(Indian Motion Pictures Producers  Association), FWICE(Federation  of Western Indian  Cine Employees),  IFTDA(Indian Film & Tel vision Directors Association),  WIFPA(Western India Film Producers Association) and IFPTC(Indian Film  & TV Producers Council)—met and resolved to suspend all  shooting of all entertainment products as  a precaution against the  Coronavirus.

 Industry spokesperson  Ashoke Pandit says, “We met on Sunday and  decided to halt all shooting .We stand  by  the Government’s concerns and are  following their  instructions.”

This is  a huge setback for  the Corona-stricken  Indian entertainment  industry.Already reeling under the impact  of  movie theatres’ closure across the country, the  suspension of shooting will be calamitous   for  the television  industry which  moves on a day-to-day basis supplying content to television channels.

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Daily  soaps would  just have  to  do repeats  on  air until the  situation normalizes.As  for the films,nearly every film underproduction will suffer a  huge blow because  of this rude interruption.The  losses, say trade experts, will  run into hundreds  of crores  of rupees.


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