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Dabur’s Controversial Ad Withdrawn After Protests!




Dabur’s Controversial Ad: Javed Akhtar, Tapsee Pannu  & Others  Respond Exclusively

Dabur broke free  of  decades of  traditional marketing by  showing a lesbian couple celebrating Karwa Chauth  in  an ad . The mood of sexual liberalization  was  shortlived as  protests  from the Hindu rightwing  forced Dabur to shut down the ad  just  days after  it  was  released.

Reacting to  the  withdrawal  of  the  innocuous  ad  writer-thinker-poet  Javed  Akhtar says, “It is sad but not surprising . Our society is being pulled and pushed towards extremely regressive, obsolete divisive and patriarchal values. This is often done  illegally and unconstitutionally and powers that be condone it mostly by their “ loud silence” but if the need be with their words . I feel sorry for Dabur people .”

Screenwriter Apurva Asrani feels the ad deserved to be taken down. “It’s a highly regressive ad. High time we stop supporting these awful fairness cream campaigns. And just because you used an LGBTQ couple, it doesn’t absolve you. I don’t know why exactly they pulled out the ad. They got more backlash from the LGBT community than from some offended MP.”

Actor Anshuman Jha feels the advertisement  world cannot be exempted from the rules of decorum. “I think there is a responsibility that both creators and audiences have. Every ritual, as per our Vedas, have their roots in energy. Sacrificing and sending positive vibrations/energy to  your loved ones is the base of any fasting tradition. Eg. in the ‘Shraadha’ period you sacrifice by fasting in order to send positive vibrations to your ancestors. So the root of our teachings should not be lost while making a point or championing  an issue.”

Actress-activist Diya Mirza feels Dabur should  have stood  their ground.  “What  is the  point of your bravado  if you cannot stand by your  conviction.”

Taapsee Pannu agrees with Diya. “Why make such pathbreaking , unconventional ads when you can’t stand by it?One should stand by the values and thought one believes in. Misunderstandings can be corrected.But withdrawal of  the ad  that showed that they were apologetic for their thought process.”

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