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Darshan Kumaar Defends Kashmir Files



Darshan Kumar

The  IFFI  jury’s head  Israeli filmmaker  Nadav Lapid’s outburst  against  Vivek Agnihotri’s The  Kashmir Files at the Festival’s closing ceremony—Lapid called  the film vulgar and inappropriate—has shocked the  ardent supporters  of  the  film, including its leading man Darshan  Kumaar.

Says  Darshan,  “Everyone has his  own individual opinions on anything he sees and how he perceives  it. But one can’t deny the fact  that The Kashmir Files is a film which has depicted the actual plight of the  dispossessed  homeless  Kashmiri Pandit community   who are still fighting for justice against the brutal acts of terrorism. This film is not about vulgarity .It’s the  reality.”

Darshan admits he  didn’t know much about Kashmiri Pandits  when he  was signed  for The Kashmir Files. “ I really feel ashamed of myself. Just like today’s audience I too was confused and unaware . I only realised when Vivek ji and Pallavi Ma’am  showed me those videos of the first-generation victims. I was totally taken aback and that’s when I thought the truth should be brought forward and I wanted to be a part of this journey.”

 The  Kashmir Files  has changed Darshan . “I feel I’m not the same person anymore. This film has changed me from within. Just like the pandemic where  one virus started in one country and spread all over the world … It taught us to love and care of each other … The recent Russian-Ukraine war led to a complete market crash which shows the world is one . Similarly this movie shows us the brutal truth and actual pain that inhumanity causes .It’s heart wrenching. So  this movie has enlightened not only me but the entire public and gives a message to live in harmony and make this world a better place to live in.”

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