Debina Bonnerjee Reveals Her ‘Masaledar’ Secret On Kitchen Champion

COLORS’ upcoming cooking game show Kitchen Champion is all set to spice up your afternoon as the TV celebrities along with their family members battle it out with an ultimate cook off. Making the competition a little more exciting will be the unique judge panel comprising of energetic kids – Inayat, Garvit and Barbie who will be the decision makers.  While the celebrities don their chef’s hat and present some lip smacking dishes, viewers will also get to know some masaledar insights about their cooking experiences.

In an upcoming episode, television beauties Debina Bonnerjee and Rashmi Desai will be seen competing against each other along with their mothers. Both of them will put their best foot forward to impress the little wonders with their dishes. As the cook off began, host Arjun Bijlani added a little tadka  to the game by putting their culinary skills to test and asked them questions that revealed some juicy secrets about their cooking experiences. In one instance, Debina Bonnerjee shared an interesting story from her childhood which left everybody in shock in a funny way.

Talking about the incident she shared, “I still can’t control my laughter while recollecting this funny incident. I was eating Prawns and was completely enjoying the dish and somehow diverted my attention from the plate and I don’t know how and when a cockroach fell in my dish. I absolutely had no idea of it being there and thinking its prawns I ate it. Confused for a moment, I immediately threw it out as it didn’t taste as prawns. Though I was feeling terrible for a while, but later we couldn’t stop laughing thinking about it.”

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