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Deepak Dobriyal  from Uttarakhand: It was A Routine Health Checkup



Reacting to  the health inspection   on  April  23 in  Uttarakhand  on Manoj Bajpai and Deepak Dobriyal who are stranded in the area post the lockdown, Deepak says , “They just checked our temperature and  asked how we were. Bas that’s it . They then congratulated  us  for  co-operating with them and  said, ‘Mazaa  aa gaya .Kaash sab log hamare saath  aise hi co-operate  Karen  toh hamara  kaam asaan ho  jaye.”

Deepak says  it  was  a  routine health inspection. “They did a medical checkup of everyone  in the   area. The  health  inspection is  going on all over  Uttarakhand. They are  being  extra-alert, and that’s a good thing.”

Incidentally April 23  was   Manoj Bajpai’s birthday.

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