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Delhi Shooting Of Dostana 2 Dropped Due To Pollution



Dostana 2

The suffocating smog that has  shrouded Delhi  for the  past two weeks  is taking its toll on Bollywood’s keenness to shoot films in the Capital.

One hears  from reliable sources that  the  shooting of  the Karan  Johar production  of  Dostana 2   which  was  to feature Kartik Aryan and  Janhvi Kapoor has been called off due to the unfriendly climatic  condition.

A  source  clued  in to the  unfortunate setback  reveals, “The cast and  crew couldn’t breathe. Visibility  was so  low that the camera couldn’t capture  the  shots  properly. It  was  a no-win situation. The  team decided to disperse  until the weather  improves.”

Interestingly a while ago , Priyanka  Chopra , who starred  in the original  Dostana film in 2008, was shooting in Delhi with Rajkummar Rao for The White Tiger.She  posted  a message  about the  hostile  climate  of  Delhi and got trolled for it.

But  the suffocating air  in Delhi has begun to impact Bollywood’s Delhi plans. A number of filmmakers  are  either waiting for  the smog to clear  or  seriously thinking  of re-locating their  films to another city.

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