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Did  Mukesh Ambani Gift Ram Charan’s Baby A Golden Cradle? Here’s The Truth



Ever since  Telugu superstar Ram Charan’s wife Upasana gave birth to a  baby girl earlier this month, the Andhra press has been going berserk with speculation.The latest rumour on this topic is that Mukesh and Neeta Ambani have gifted the couple  a golden cradle for their baby girl.

When I spoke to a close friend  of  the Ambanis(a  hotshot filmmaker) he  couldn’t stop laughing. “Why not  diaper-studded  diapers  from the Adanis?  I  don’t think the Ambanis know Ram Charan well enough to send  the baby such a lavish gift. But if they read that they have sent this gift, they just may decide to do so out of courtesy,” the  friend of the Ambanis reveals.

Ram Charan’s wife Upasana gave birth to  their baby girl on June 20.Ram Charan is  taking his parental duties  very seriously. Father  of  a newly-born baby,he will be  spending the  next one month and a half, at home with his  wife  Upasana Kamineni  looking  after the  new arrival  in  their life.

Ram has informed the  producers  of his  decision to stay at home with his baby.He will return to work only at the end  of July or beginning of August.For Ram Charan and his  wife, the arrival of  their  first child eleven years  after  marriage is a miracle .Ram Charan and Upasana  are  in seventh heaven.


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