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Did Neena Gupta Quit Sooryavansh For Not Looking Old Enough ?



Since the release  of 2018’s surprise  hit Badhai Ho,  the very talented and  beautiful Neena  Gupta’s  career has been on a roll. Spoilt for roles,   the actress  has   been picking and  choosing the ones  that she  liked, Rohit Shetty’s Sooryavansh being one  of them.

She had  never worked with either Rohit Shetty  or Akshay Kumar before.

 However  now  in a shocking reversal of decision Rohit Shetty  has decided to  scrap Neena’s role from Sooryavansh,this when she had already shot for  the  film.

When I  asked the  versatile actress  if this was true, she was  surprisingly  candid. 

Says Neena, “It  it  true I am no longer in Sooryavansh. I shot for three days  for  the film. Then they realized  my  track(in the  plot)  was  not working. So they removed my track.”

However there is another explanation for Ms Gupta’s exit being  discussed  secretly.Sources say  Neena just didn’t look  old enough to  play Akshay’s mother.

Says a source,  “Neena is just a few  years older than Akashay. It was  ridiculous in the  first place to cast them as mother-daughter. When they  shot together director Rohit Shetty realized  they didn’t look  like mother and son.That’s why Neena’s track was removed.”

There is a parampara  of  actresses almost their  co-stars’ age being  made to play their mother in  Indian cinema. The fabulous  Waheeda Rehman had once shared her embarrassment  with me  for having to play Jeeetendra’s mother , although they were almost the same age.

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