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Dimple Kapadia Walked Out On The Shooting Of Saas Bahu & Flamingo



Director Homi Adajania and actor Dimple Kapadia have worked together each one of his directorials so far: Being Cyrus, Cocktail. Finding Fanny and  Angrezi Medium.

Shooting for Saas Bahu Aur Flamingo was  just as stormy as the earlier projects.

Talking about his working relationship with Dimple Kapadia, Homi Adajania said, “Every time we do a project, Dimple decides to quit a week before we start shooting. She’ll call me up because she gets anxious and acts like a child who’s acting in her first world. And we went through this on Saas, Bahu aur Flamingo as well, just like we’ve gone through this on all our projects.”

But this time, she took it one step further. We were shooting the dinner table scene .I remember she did her take but she was not happy with it. However, there was a lot of shoot left to do of that scene so she requested the associate director to allow her to redo that take, which was granted to her but only after we finished the pending scenes to shoot for that day.”

Adding on, Homi said, “I remember there was a couples scene we were shooting and Varun Mitra had finished his bit and he was driving back to the hotel which was an hour away in the middle of the night. Even Radhika had not slept for 48 hours because she was coming off another shoot directly for this. We pretty much thought we’d finished the shoot for the day, at which point Dimple reminded us that she was going to be allowed another take, very unlike Dimple, but obviously she was not happy with her performance so she wanted to this. I’m so glad too that we did it because finally when Dimple did that take, she absolutely killed it! She is the most undemanding actor you can ever work with. But for some reason that night, she just really felt she had much more in her and she had not given it.”

Talking about his meeting with Dimple the next morning after this shoot, Homi said, “So after this long shoot, we go back to our hotels and sleep and meet her for breakfast in the morning and she tells me that she had actually gone to the airport to fly back to Bombay – in the middle of the schedule because she didn’t want to do this anymore. Luckily, at some point she turned around and better sense prevailed. So yes, there was a fine one pulled by Ms. Kapadia during the shoot.”

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