Eerie Silence In The Malayalam Film Industry Over Dileep’s Arrest

With  the arrest of one of Malayalam film industry’s top actors in a kidnap and molestation case, the industry known so far its decorous activities, is now  facing an acute mortification.

Nearly every major colleague  of Dileep had risen to defend the actor against the murky charges.Now when his culpability is far more unambiguous there is a stunned silence among his colleagues.

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A major Malayali director mumbled, “What can I say? I still find it hard to believe that this could happen. Dileepis such a gentleman. We’ve never known this side of him. All his  female co-stars vouch for his gentlemanly behaviour. We really don’t know what happened between him and the actress. But it it’s a terrible situation.”

Whispers doing the rounds suggests that Dileep’s legal team is already trying to work out a deal with the aggrieved party.

Says a leading Malayalam actress, “Dileep’s supporters are still supporting him . But they can’t say it openly any more because it would make them look so politically incorrect.”

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