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Entertainment Industry’s Musical Voices React To Kanika Kapoor’s Health-Hazardous Indiscretion



Entertainment Industry’s Musical Voices React To Kanika Kapoor’s Health-Hazardous Indiscretion

Anup JalotaLondon se aaya mera dost,  dost ko quarantine karo…Kanika knows that I m observing 14 days rule of self-isolation after international travel,  set by the Indian Government. We both arrived from London on different dates. She has made a mistake. I’m surprised to see many politicians also in the party  that she attended. All are to be blamed equally.”

Udit Narayan:  “I am very surprised  at Kannikaji behaviour. She  is an educated  woman . How could she behave  in this irresponsible  manner? I am told she  hid in  the restroom at  the airport to escape detection. How could she be so naïve? Bachche ki terah….What was she thinking? Now she has  put all of  Lucknow  in danger.The Scindias who attended a party with her, and even the President of India is endangered by her  careless  behaviour. They are  now saying they will book her for murder  if  anyone loses his life  because  of her. Why  put yourself in such a compromised  situation?We are living through very difficult times.Everyone needs to behave in a responsible  way. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor, the  virus will threaten  you. I heard Kanikaji on television after she created havoc .Tajjub hua unki badi-badi baatein sun kar(I was surprised  by her  big talk). Instead  of folding her hands and asking the nation for forgiveness she  was  trying to prove herself an innocent  victim. Hadd ho gayi. It’s  people’s lives we’re talking  about. Please show some respect.”

Baabul Supriyo “Very inappropriate and  ‘Baby-Doll-ish’ behaviour.But I hope she recovers soon and I wish everyone who partied with her would  come out safe and uncontaminated. Those who hosted  the party and  the ones who attended are also equally guilty of a very irresponsible act.”

Manoj Muntashir “In times of national crisis we are expected to act like responsible citizens who care about  their own health  and  the health of  others. No party or celebration could be more important than life itself. Kanika should have exercised restrain. She is a celebrity, people follow her, she shouldn’t have set a wrong precedent.”

Talat Aziz:  “What I heard from Kanika last night on NDTV was that she landed in Mumbai from LHR on the 9th of March and was screened which didn’t show any symptoms so she was allowed to go.But at the same time she should have not gone to any parties whether it was a birthday of a Holi as she had come back from the UK which is a state of lockdown now but even then there were quite a lot of cases there .Anup Jalota also landed from the UK I think on the 17th of March when he was also screened and didn’t show any symptoms but because of his age he was kept for observation at a hotel nearby for two days and later released to go home but quarantined for 14 days as a precaution which he is complying with .Now the thing is,  whether Kanika Kapoor was informed about this at the airport that she should self-quarantine for 14 days at home is something we don’t know as there are conflicting reports.Everyone  must observe  the sanitation protocols strictly in order that we in India do not go to a Phase 3 from where we are at now . I can go on and on but there are professionals who are advising so it’s better left to them and we all should follow their instructions as this virus doesn’t differentiate between any religion caste class or gender.”

Lalit Pandit(Jatin-Lalit): ” It is a very irresponsible behaviour on Kanika’s part.These are strange times when we all depend upon each other to stay well so that we don’t suffer and we are each morally responsible to see that we don’t transmit this virus from ourselves to the other.. how could she do this  and be so irresponsible beats me!”
Alka Yagnik:  “I’d say  what  the  rest  of  the  country is  saying. Highly irresponsible , indeed!”

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